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Posted on 26th June 2011 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

I get a kick out of standing on this soapbox. As I go along I’ll figure out what I can get away with saying.

Can I ask, for instance if anybody but me has noticed that civilization is collapsing? I may get far afield, but I’ll bring it back to Go One.

Go One is the most perfect expression I have found to date of what our future must be like or we will die. More on this as we go. 🙂

The point of the Go One blog is to awaken a Go One world. It needs to. My role: Validate the kick of life as a velomobilist.

Peak Oil, be it geo-political, economic or physical is in reality, upon us. The age of cheap energy driving a hyper-active and ultimately damaging economy is ending. Good riddance the environment can’t take it any more. We can elect whoever.

It’s time for people to change. The government was put up for sale and has been purchased. People can anticipate, and make appropriate real change. The change. Break our personal addiction to gasoline. This is where the money that bought our government came from. Who knows, if people lead maybe leaders will follow.

For now, commenting on this site seems not functional. If you read this send me an e-mail. I can get you a deal! I suspect I’m talking to a small tough crowd. 🙂 I’d be thrilled to think I’d been read!

Kirk (kirk234@comcast.net) I’m listed in Wisconsin order on the agent page (not on the pop-up state menu)

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