Sometimes, We’re lucky.

Posted on 26th April 2011 in Technical Tips

With a chunk of the money inherited from Mom I bought a Go One. From my father two years earlier I inherited a jacket. My parents being gone contributes to the unreal sense of living in the future since the Go One arrived. I wish they could feel my reawakening hope.

Several times in my life, death has let me off the hook. I suspect this true for all whether we know it or not. Once leading a threesome of British twins into a corner marker 45 at 85 my bike took on a high speed wobble as a truck met me at the apex. Having just learned of counter steering I did, the bike dipped just to the path of the trucks tires ….. and I was out the other side still alive!!!!!!

I did it again. At one point on my daily Go One loop I cross Main Street at a traffic light. Down hill to the light and uphill beyond, you try to hit a green. This day the cars were lined up a block. Like Stephen in the city I smiled as I slipped past the line. The school bus that was blocking my view of the cornpicker that was creating the situation, took a quick exit right, leaving me the spot behind the picker. With only a half a second to plan my demise I decided to drag race the picker to the bridge opening across the intersection. I had not yet realized that we would not both fit! Being used to being the center of attention I thought he saw me. Whoops! Starting just behind the picker head I pulled even by the centerline, the point of no return. Caught a good shift to maybe 75 inches and stood on it. With 15 feet to go I saw I wouldn’t fit between the head of the picker and the edge of the street. I dug, aimed for a light brush contact with the deep curb, the picker upshifted, and I braced for contact…… I expected to be crushed.

I’m here, I won that race. If this cat indeed has nine lives I need to start counting more carefully.

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