Pricing for Sunrider


The Sunrider’s lightweight body provides high protection and comfort for all those wet and windy days. Because of the excellent aerodynamics of this spectacular vehicle you often ride faster than normal (race) bikes. Driving a velomobile is a unique experience, after one ride in a velomobile you won’t go back!

The design is dynamic and functional at the same time. Large space for driver and luggage, great view of the road and easy to use. The two air intakes on the side of the hood keep the Sunrider well ventilated. The large opening hood makes boarding or storing luggage easy. The Sunrider has a turning radius of only 7 meters and is very maneuverable in everyday traffic.

The Sunrider has a very nice and sleek finished interior. The adjustable bucket seat will provide sufficient support and a very pleasant and comfortable ride. The chain is almost completely embodied in the frame, so no more dirty pants! The very simple joystick operation in the Sunrider makes it a very nice and tight steering velomobile. Control elements such as gears, brakes (with parking position), lights, horn and indicator lights are always within reach and easy to operate.

The Sunrider is a fully self-supporting frame of fiberglass reinforced polyester. This frame constitutes a large portion of the interior Sunrider. The balanced composite construction is virtually maintenance free and provides excellent stability for the vehicle.

Safety and comfort of the Sunrider was our main objective. The dimensions of the Sunrider were chosen to be well visible in heavy traffic, while his limited width allows it to be ridden also on the cycling lanes. The Sunrider comes standard with full suspension and two powerful 185 mm disk brakes at the front wheels. For good visibility, the Sunrider has front and rear lights and reflective stickers. Side mirrors give the rider a clear view all around.



Sunrider II without pedal assist $11,912

Sunrider II with 25 km/ hour electric assist $14,223

Sunrider II with 45 km/ hour electric assist $16,397