Go-One Evo-K Velomobile



Beyss has been manufacturing lightweight vehicles and velomobiles since 1991. For over a decade, Beyss has been advancing the design characteristics of it’s Go-One to meet the market demands of the most discerning velomobilest. The legendary Go-one prototype was inspired by Michael Goretzky. His flair for innovative design was a contributing force towards the development of Diamler Chrysler’s SMART car. Until you see the pedals under the canopy, one would assume this is a small sports car!

In an effort to significantly enhance the rider’s sensation of speed and comfort, Go-One propelled beyond it’s flagship predecessor and tuned the ride of it’s new velomobile. The end result: stylish and aerodynamics reminiscent of a world-class race car.  This is a glimpse of the future that rides as good as it looks. This is the pursuit of the impossible. The Evo-K is manufactured in Germany and can be shipped anywhere in North America.

Prices start at $11,600.