Halloween 2010

Posted on 31st October 2010 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

Halloween…. I dislike holidays.

I’ll struggle to make it a day like all others. It won’t be. When I ride my Go One today the traffic will be different and people’s minds will oft be full of the day.

The greatest obstacle to my riding decades as a velomobilist (my newfound and late arriving life’s avocation), will be my tendency to make a mistake once in awhile. The impression that emerges of the vehicle is that while significantly safer than a naked bicycle, Go One is no match for SUVs, trees or bridge abutments at the speeds it can attain. It could in fact be a threat to pedestrians. So I’ll be Careful! On the other hand, at last a vehicle that fills the need for speed in a carbon neutral fashion!

If the local police read this, I am trying to continue to display good citizenship and to communicate velomospeak to the local driving population. My vehicle is a sail car, and momentum bank. It is in my interest to stay out from under cars, cars can and do cut me some slack. When opportunity presents, it is a hoot to pedal hard on big gears and chase down a car only to switch to the sidewalk and make polite conversation with walkers.

It’s time guys, be the first on your block. Buy and ride a velo, make it a Go One! When guys like me can get one nearly anybody can. Don’t let those who go before have all the fun. For now it is an exotic pleasure. Perhaps soon a common one.

Give me a call, I’m trying to pay for mine. 🙂 Kirk

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