Mango Video in Maywood, NJ

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Mango in Maywood, NJ


Community and access to tools on sustainable culture…

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Roll Over America (ROAM)

Posted on 26th July 2011 in Agents, Commuting and Travels, Sales & Marketing

Is anybody from the Go One community planning to ride in this?

I’ve ridden with packs of Harleys. The rumble is the trip.

I’ll try to ride along through Wisconsin on this one. I lust for the rush of a silent pack of velos. 🙂

I’d like to hear from live velomobilists and aspiring ones who find this blog. Velo’s will snowball eventually. A lot of people who see one want one. That kind of money for a bicycle is a stretch. Then there is a learning curve that requires the effort needed to morph the vehicle into lifestyle. When this process completes the Go One hasn’t cost you. It all to the good. Better health, smaller footprint, more fun.

The sense of historic pregnancy and rare privilege are intoxicating!

Kirk (

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Testing……One, Two, Three…..Testing :)

Posted on 26th June 2011 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

I get a kick out of standing on this soapbox. As I go along I’ll figure out what I can get away with saying.

Can I ask, for instance if anybody but me has noticed that civilization is collapsing? I may get far afield, but I’ll bring it back to Go One.

Go One is the most perfect expression I have found to date of what our future must be like or we will die. More on this as we go. 🙂

The point of the Go One blog is to awaken a Go One world. It needs to. My role: Validate the kick of life as a velomobilist.

Peak Oil, be it geo-political, economic or physical is in reality, upon us. The age of cheap energy driving a hyper-active and ultimately damaging economy is ending. Good riddance the environment can’t take it any more. We can elect whoever.

It’s time for people to change. The government was put up for sale and has been purchased. People can anticipate, and make appropriate real change. The change. Break our personal addiction to gasoline. This is where the money that bought our government came from. Who knows, if people lead maybe leaders will follow.

For now, commenting on this site seems not functional. If you read this send me an e-mail. I can get you a deal! I suspect I’m talking to a small tough crowd. 🙂 I’d be thrilled to think I’d been read!

Kirk ( I’m listed in Wisconsin order on the agent page (not on the pop-up state menu)

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Anybody out there?

Posted on 26th May 2011 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

I’m into my second month of life as a velomobilist. I’m born again at 63. Life is good.

Having bought my Go One used I’m honored to be welcomed as an Agent and given access to this blog.

I’m curious as to the silence of my fellow velomobilists. The Go One world has the aspect of a ghost town. I know it isn’t, I’ve heard from Stephen this week. Always a thrill. 🙂

If we weigh in on ocaision we’ll produce a more timely impression of the Go One/velo world. We’re growing!, right? They get ridden, Yes? It’s in our interest, it will help support the price for those who do not get use from their Go One.

Mine sold for $6500 delivered, looking good, fully equipped, entirely fixable. For those thinking of buying, for whom price is an issue, I recommend this path to ownership until all existing are in use or held by collectors. For now, I wonder; are there wallflowers amongst u? 🙂

The Go One does have function as well as eye appeal. People of modest means living in urban/suburban settings, could own one (along with trailers etc.) instead of a car . Whopper adjustment, but what a kick!

I saw on somebodies velo site, a mileage ridden entry in the owners chart. I’d like to have ridden 100,000mi. I’ll shot for 6000mi/yr, 60,000 in a decade. Miles to go, I’ll ride again today. 🙂

Kirk (

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Sometimes, We’re lucky.

Posted on 26th April 2011 in Technical Tips

With a chunk of the money inherited from Mom I bought a Go One. From my father two years earlier I inherited a jacket. My parents being gone contributes to the unreal sense of living in the future since the Go One arrived. I wish they could feel my reawakening hope.

Several times in my life, death has let me off the hook. I suspect this true for all whether we know it or not. Once leading a threesome of British twins into a corner marker 45 at 85 my bike took on a high speed wobble as a truck met me at the apex. Having just learned of counter steering I did, the bike dipped just to the path of the trucks tires ….. and I was out the other side still alive!!!!!!

I did it again. At one point on my daily Go One loop I cross Main Street at a traffic light. Down hill to the light and uphill beyond, you try to hit a green. This day the cars were lined up a block. Like Stephen in the city I smiled as I slipped past the line. The school bus that was blocking my view of the cornpicker that was creating the situation, took a quick exit right, leaving me the spot behind the picker. With only a half a second to plan my demise I decided to drag race the picker to the bridge opening across the intersection. I had not yet realized that we would not both fit! Being used to being the center of attention I thought he saw me. Whoops! Starting just behind the picker head I pulled even by the centerline, the point of no return. Caught a good shift to maybe 75 inches and stood on it. With 15 feet to go I saw I wouldn’t fit between the head of the picker and the edge of the street. I dug, aimed for a light brush contact with the deep curb, the picker upshifted, and I braced for contact…… I expected to be crushed.

I’m here, I won that race. If this cat indeed has nine lives I need to start counting more carefully.

Kirk (

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National Bicycle Summit in Washington DC

Posted on 9th March 2011 in Uncategorized

“How many people are stuck in traffic on their way to ride a stationary bike in a health club?”

The National Bicycle Summit is happening in Washington DC this Week. If you are like me, I could not make it. But I was able to squeeze in 10 calls to my various local, state and federal employees (representatives). There are more people riding bikes than ever in NJ. Half of all U.S. trips are three miles or less, and more than 90 percent are made by car. The National Bike Summit has improved bicycle-friendliness and livability in many communities, but the need and opportunity to improve physical activity, safety and livability in the U.S., while reducing congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on oil – remains greater today than a decade ago. These issues seem difficult to solve but the answer is simple. The answer is the bicycle. Now is the time to ask the your friends, the Mayor and Congress to make strategic transportation investments that foster safe streets, healthy people, healthy communities. Tell them to act on a simple solution – the bicycle.

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Halloween 2010

Posted on 31st October 2010 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

Halloween…. I dislike holidays.

I’ll struggle to make it a day like all others. It won’t be. When I ride my Go One today the traffic will be different and people’s minds will oft be full of the day.

The greatest obstacle to my riding decades as a velomobilist (my newfound and late arriving life’s avocation), will be my tendency to make a mistake once in awhile. The impression that emerges of the vehicle is that while significantly safer than a naked bicycle, Go One is no match for SUVs, trees or bridge abutments at the speeds it can attain. It could in fact be a threat to pedestrians. So I’ll be Careful! On the other hand, at last a vehicle that fills the need for speed in a carbon neutral fashion!

If the local police read this, I am trying to continue to display good citizenship and to communicate velomospeak to the local driving population. My vehicle is a sail car, and momentum bank. It is in my interest to stay out from under cars, cars can and do cut me some slack. When opportunity presents, it is a hoot to pedal hard on big gears and chase down a car only to switch to the sidewalk and make polite conversation with walkers.

It’s time guys, be the first on your block. Buy and ride a velo, make it a Go One! When guys like me can get one nearly anybody can. Don’t let those who go before have all the fun. For now it is an exotic pleasure. Perhaps soon a common one.

Give me a call, I’m trying to pay for mine. 🙂 Kirk

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Dave Shank will be missed..

Posted on 6th February 2008 in Technical Tips

I received the sad news today that Dave Shank passed away over the
weekend. For those who may not know, Dave had been fighting cancer for
at least two years.

Dave was one of the early adopters in the velomobile world (at least on
this side of the Atlantic), having bought a Versatile back in 2005, and
then built an FAW+ from one of David Eggleston’s kits. I met him for
the first time at the 2005 New England Human Powered Vehicle Rally when
he pulled up in a white rental cargo van and dragged out the Versatile
just at the beginning of 24 hours of torrential rains that made that
event particularly memorable. We had dinner together that night, and
among other things, talked about his adventure traveling around the
Netherlands in his new Versatile prior to having it shipped it back to
his home in Buffalo, NY. The HPV community in the Netherlands is pretty
active (and a tight knit group) and made him feel welcome, even offering
their homes as he toured around. This was something I experienced
myself when I had been there earlier that same year, and talking with
him about our experiences in the land of the velomobile was a shared
evening that I won’t soon forget.

We met up again at the 2006 rally, when he arrived in the white rental
cargo van- this time with both velomobiles inside .

I will miss seeing him at future gatherings.

Rest In Peace, Dave.

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Jacked Knife Tractor Trailer

Posted on 2nd February 2008 in Commuting and Travels

So I’m riding the Go-One down the street and there was a huge jam-up of cars today. As I worked my way up the bike lane, I noticed it was a tractor trailer. The driver must have misjudged a turn and was stuck! It was a pleasure to be able to ride the Go-One under the trailer to the other side.

The thing to remember, if you try this at home, is to be sure that your flag is not connected. Also, proceed with caution making sure that the driver has no intention to move. In my case the driver was outside of the cab and was arguing with the lady in the BMW.


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How can I buy a Go-One on credit?

Posted on 15th January 2008 in Sales & Marketing

In the “pricelist: section of the webpage, calculate your quote using the quote builder on the website. Download the application and send it to us…

There are (3) Promotional programs which can apply (you must choose one). There is a 3, 6 or 12 month interest free program. This affords you the ability to divide payments over time. After which, you will be charged an APR fee of 23.99% (just like a regular credit card).

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