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Posted on 26th May 2011 in Agents, Sales & Marketing

I’m into my second month of life as a velomobilist. I’m born again at 63. Life is good.

Having bought my Go One used I’m honored to be welcomed as an Agent and given access to this blog.

I’m curious as to the silence of my fellow velomobilists. The Go One world has the aspect of a ghost town. I know it isn’t, I’ve heard from Stephen this week. Always a thrill. 🙂

If we weigh in on ocaision we’ll produce a more timely impression of the Go One/velo world. We’re growing!, right? They get ridden, Yes? It’s in our interest, it will help support the price for those who do not get use from their Go One.

Mine sold for $6500 delivered, looking good, fully equipped, entirely fixable. For those thinking of buying, for whom price is an issue, I recommend this path to ownership until all existing are in use or held by collectors. For now, I wonder; are there wallflowers amongst u? 🙂

The Go One does have function as well as eye appeal. People of modest means living in urban/suburban settings, could own one (along with trailers etc.) instead of a car . Whopper adjustment, but what a kick!

I saw on somebodies velo site, a mileage ridden entry in the owners chart. I’d like to have ridden 100,000mi. I’ll shot for 6000mi/yr, 60,000 in a decade. Miles to go, I’ll ride again today. 🙂

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