Agent/Spy Program

What is the Agent/Spy Program?


It is a referral program which allows potential customers to interact with existing velomobile owners for information, experiences and a test-drive. We thought the idea was nifty and would provide a financial incentive for owners (Agents). Once an agent, your assistance in offering test rides and personal insights about your velo experience will go a long way in helping to convince future owners about the features and benefits of “Undercover Cycling” and the ownership experience. SPY is a simple acronym for Start Pedaling Yourself. Our goal is to foster an environment where agents and spys take the mystery out of velomobiles which is distributed by Undercover Cycling!



Why become and Agent/spy?


The program offers a unique way of financing the cost of a new velomobile. Our Agent/ SPY model is a fun and effective means of spreading the word about energy-free transportation, fitness and eco-friendliness. Agents are advocates in today’s world. They cannot settle for show-room static displays. Rather, they charge themselves with the responsibility of taking the message of modern transportation directly to the public.



How to become and Agent/spy?


An Agent is a person who is able to dedicate a small amount of time to potential customers. Answering questions, sharing stories and offering a demonstration is what most people need in order to make an informed decision about the velomobile. To become an Agent/SPY, simply download the agreement, read it, sign it and send it back to us.



What are the Financial Benefits?


There are three different revenue streams that can apply to Agents of the velomobile.


First, simply owning and operating the velocipede may enable you to showcase the product and generate SPY (Start Pedaling Yourself) revenue. Secondly, allowing local advertisers to rent panel space on your velomobile may prove to be profitable. In order to finance the investment of a velomobile, you can rent out parts of the surface for advertising. The front-section of the velomobile offers approx. 0.7 square meters x 0.35 square meters per side and the tail section offers approx. 0.7 square meters x 0.5 square meters per side. By simply attaching static vinyl you can carry an “eye popping” message to the local public on behalf of your advertiser(s) for a stipend. Thirdly, there will and have always been the need for larger scale marketing venues which require the showcasing of the velomobile. These venues can take the form of trade shows, corporate functions, charity events and photo shoots.