Features & Benefits

Below find a brief list of the features and benefits of owning a Velomobile.

  1. Coolest looking vehicle in the world! Enjoy the additional safety that comes from riding an “eye popping” enclosed recumbent cycle in all traffic conditions. Safety comes first!
  2. No need for registration and insurance. North America considers the velomobile a fully faired tricycle. Legal on all roads, sidewalks and bike paths. Bicycle rules apply.
  3. Purchasing a velomobile from Undercover Cycling dba Go-One LLC makes you an agent for the company! You qualify for our SPY (start pedaling yourself) Program. Earn up to $500 USD on all units you sell!
  4. Earn income from local vendors using your Velomobile as a moving advertisement platform. Take advantage of our national ad agency network!
  5. Enjoy a low maintenance ride. Say goodbye to expensive vehicle tune-ups and upkeep!
  6. Parking is easy, convenient and secure!
  7. Pedal in a fully recumbent position. Be nice to your lower back and harness your body’s more powerful muscle group!
  8. Velomobiles are faster then bicycles. At similar crack wattages, the velomobile is faster then a racing bicycle. Enjoy the aerodynamics of a fully enclosed fairing. Keep warm in the winter months and ride topless in the warmer seasons. Enjoy the stability of a trike design in slippery road conditions. Put an end to dangerous slips and falls!
  9. Take advantage of unlimited miles per gallon (water). Save the money you would spend at the local gym. Enjoy your Human Powered Vehicle. Burn fat not fuel! Leave a “zero” carbon footprint in your environment.
  10. Consider installing an electric assist motor! Let the motor do some work as you pedal. This can propel you to the legal speed limit of about 20 mph (depending on where you live). Oh yes, when your battery is depleted, just switch the controls to “generative power” and replenish your battery by pedaling. We like to think of this feature as ‘fitness mode’.