About Us


Welcome to Undercover Cycling.

My name is Stephen Mosca, president of Undercover Cycling. My team and I have been serving velomobile cyclist since 2005. If you are a cyclist who is ready to take the next step in human powered transportation, consider a quality velomobile. If you are motorist who is looking to downsize to a electric assisted human powered hybrid velomobile, consider your options with a luxurious, healthy and cost effective velomobile.


Our company is based on the principle that human powered transportation can be practical, healthy and fun. Our velomobiles offer a pragmatic way of turning your commute or recreational ride in to a carbon neutral pleasure. Global Warming is a real concern for a majority of the human race. No matter what the skeptics may think, burning fuel in exchange for less physical movement is not good for the environment or our bodies. It is that simple.


We are a retailer of high quality Dutch and German built Velomobiles. Our client base is located in the United States and Canada. We provide sales and technical assistance for our clients who are serious about acquiring and riding the best built luxury Velomobiles in the world. Our clients have a appetite for quality and service. We believe that when it comes to quality, the bottom line is a satisfied customer experience.


We offer rewarding “agent” opportunities.


Enjoy our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information. As a parting gift for having visited, we would like to introduce you to a wonderful film entitled “HOME“. We hope that you enjoy it…